Morgyn Miller ‘18

Major: NSFIA
Hometown:Barberton, Ohio

Mount Union professors really make an effort to get to know their students and build relationships with them.

Hands-On Learning

Kyle Shepard and Joey ColonOver the past three years, several NSFIA students have participated in the annual “Dynamic World Cities” travel seminars conducted by Dr. Francis Schortgen. Not NSFIA-specific, but rather open to the full student body, these trips offer an extracurricular opportunity to meet and interact with high-level business/industry leaders, investors and government officials as well as receive briefings/tours of government agencies and cutting-edge research institutes. Launched in Spring 2015, these trips have taken students to Singapore (2015), Hong Kong (2016) and Dubai/Abu Dhabi (2017).

From an NSFIA perspective, however, students had the opportunity in previous trips to glean insights into the transferability of intelligence analysis skills to the business world. Students have had the chance to interact with a former Australian Office of National Assessments officer currently leading the Singapore operations of an Asia-focused consulting firm, as well as former intelligence analysts currently serving as the Head of Asia-Pacific Geopolitical Risk for the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).

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