Rachel Eastman ‘17

Major: Biology
Hometown:North Canton, OH

My favorite place at Mount Union is the Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center. Many students do not realize that Mount has its own nature preserve, but it does!

Naturalist Notes

Read the articles below written by the Director of the Nature Center, Charles McClaugherty, published in The Alliance Review.

Bird Battles Poison Eaters 
Bird Battles Poison Eaters
Many Mints Pine Pollen 
Many Mints Pine Pollen Profusion
World of Willows  Lichens2
World of Willows Lichens
Cardinals The Incredible Egg

Counting Birds

 Sun Worshippers

PHOTO: Model of a Wooly Mammoth at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada. From Wikimedia Commons by FlyingPuffin CCbySA2.0


Vanished Species

Plants in Winter
To The Top!