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Can you whip up a program quicker than Superman can fly around the world? Are you as great in leadership development as Batman is mysterious? If so, share your super powers with other by submitting a program proposal! We’re looking for 50 minute session proposals in the areas of diversity, programming, leadership, development, and self-care. Proposals with a superhero theme are extra special.

The NEOHO 2016 conference staff is also encouraging program submissions that are focused on graduate and professional staff presenting to other graduate and professional staff members. This is a great opportunity to help share ideas, processes, and other information that will help develop the careers of your colleagues and peers. Please take the time to consider submitting a proposal for programming geared more towards the graduate and professional level staff.

Session proposals are due by Friday, December 11. Help us train the newest group of Residence Life Avengers by being a presenter today! The "NEOHO 2016 Online Program Proposal Form" will allow you to identify up to three presenters, identify your preferred presentation timeframe (morning or afternoon) and let you tell us if you will be attending the Business Meeting. Questions can be directed to Kyle Fowler at


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