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Neuroscience Careers

Neuroscientists study the brain and its functions including memory, perception, action, language and conscious awareness, according to the Psychology Career Center.  A relatively new field stemming back to the 1950s when early theories regarding brain functioning began to emerge, innovation in neuroscience was fueled by advancements in molecular biology.

This discipline truly began to take form when methods for analyzing behavioral-cognitive relationships were developed and combined with cellular neurobiological research.  Today, neuroscience connects cognitive-behavioral outcomes with underlying neural systems.

With a solid foundation in the study of behavior and mental processes, our major in neuroscience will help you develop the practical skills to succeed through hands-on projects and research.  A core curriculum is combined with the ability to tailor the major to suit your individual needs, preparing you for future success in

  • Health/social research
  • Clinical psychology
  • Psychiatry
  • Other Fields of Medicine including Neurology

Most career positions in neuroscience are research-oriented, and typically require a Ph.D.  Our major integrates courses from several disciplines, preparing  you for advanced study in graduate and professional schools and/or entry-level positions, all in pursuit of a rewarding future.