new tradition established at mount union college

May 10, 2010

Freshman students at Mount Union College experienced the unique opportunity of dining at the President's Home during September and early-October as Dr. Richard Giese, president of the College, and his wife Sandra opened their home to welcome the Class of 2009 to campus.

The Gieses hosted 12 dinners at their home, concluding on Tuesday, October 11, with three of the 36 sections of the LS 100 course in attendance at each event. The students of each LS 100 section attended with their faculty or staff mentors and enjoyed one of six dinner themes - Italian, Mexican, Hawaiian, Chinese, Cajun and Western.

"We are beginning a new tradition here at Mount Union College," said Dr. Giese as he welcomed the freshmen in attendance for the final dinner. "Sandra and I felt it was important for us to get to know you and decided to do so in a smaller environment where we can meet each and every one of you."

Each dinner began with an icebreaker outside of the President's Home where freshman students introduced themselves in small groups and indicated where they were from, what they were majoring in and what their favorite classes were so far. They then proceeded into the home to enjoy a buffet-style dinner and mingle with the Gieses, other students, faculty, administrators and members of the Board of Trustees.

Special guests during the various dinners included members of the College's administrative council and Board of Trustees, and their spouses or guests.

"The students loved it," said Michelle Gaffney, director of residence life and co-director of the LS 100 program. "After the first dinner, there was a lot of buzz around campus. The students certainly responded well to this new tradition."

LS 100 is designed to help new students adjust to college life, learn critical reading and discussion skills and provide them with a faculty of staff members to advise them academically until they declare majors and are assigned an advisor within the academic department.

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