Nickless Presents on Vlipsy During Entrepreneurship Lecture

January 02, 2018

ALLIANCE,Ohio – On Monday, November 13, Chris Nickless, the founder and CEO of Vlipsy, presented at the University of Mount Union during the monthly entrepreneurship lecture.

A graduate of The Ohio State University, Nickless started Vlipsy in Canton at the beginning of this year. Vlipsy is a soundboard for video clips. It can be used to quickly search and share clips of popular online videos.

His presentation centered around what people should look for when starting a business and what to expect. It is important for people to show everyone else what their purpose is and what they are passionate about. He told the audience they must have a purpose for their business and they should always find a partner who is willing to be brutally honest.

New business owners should be curious people and be willing to learn from experience and from others. It is important for them to find a mentor who can help guide them through the process. The best way to learn is by talking to people who have been in the same position.

He encourages everyone to pack their resume with actions that demonstrate what each person can do. Nickless encourages people to always be looking for the next move and be ready to take an opportunity should it arise.

Nickless shared three lessons he learned from his start-ups. The first one is how learned to fail and that it’s important to have a good team standing with you. The lesson is not to be complacent. People should always be looking forward to what can happen. The last lesson he learned is to never stop learning and to use the data gathered to make decisions.

He encouraged the audience to show up and be willing to speak with people and to chase their dreams. Each person only lives once and they should do what they want. People should be willing to fight for what they want and know that their team is everything and will always be with them. Finally, he encourages people to stay humble.

“The energy that Chris brought to the classroom pumped up everyone in the classroom,” said Professor Mike Kachilla, director of entrepreneurial initiatives studies at Mount Union. “We are so fortunate to be able to bring such expertise to our students.”

The monthly entrepreneurship lectures are sponsored by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation of Hudson, Ohio.

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