Randy Kinietz '18

Randy Kinietz '18

Major: Nursing
Hometown:Delaware, Ohio

Every time I stepped on campus I fell in love with Mount Union even more and the overnight visit allowed me to get a good idea of what actually living on campus was like.

Nurses Salary

Nursing at Mount UnionNurses Salary
Those graduating with a nursing degree enjoy some of the highest starting salaries among their peers in other industries. According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics (BLS) website, in May of 2016, the median annual wage* of registered nurses was approximately $68,450.

Those working for the government earned the highest median annual wage of $73,980, followed by local, state and private hospitals at $70,590, home health care services at $64,140, nursing and residential care facilities at $60,950 and offices of physicians at approximately $61,730.

In addition to salary, the BLS also identified a number of “perks” offered by employers, including flexible work schedules, child care, educational benefits and bonuses.

*The BLS defines median annual wage as “the wage at which half of the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less”

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