Office of the Registrar Mission

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for providing the academic record-keeping function required by Mount Union and providing a large part of the planning, management and operational information required by the University. The office goal is to support the faculty and administration in their efforts to realize the goals and objectives of the University, to support the students in their efforts to obtain an education, and to provide services and information needed by the wider public, including alumni and former students.

The office seeks to help the University accomplish its mission by:

  • maintaining all current and historical academic student records and issuing transcripts of academic records as provided by law.
  • constructing and maintaining each term's schedule of classes, with assistance from each academic department.
  • enabling online registration for classes each term and registering each class of new students.
  • overseeing the graduation process:  application, degree clearance, diplomas, honors, Commencement program.
  • providing assistance in the process of oversight of academic regulations and rules, including the preparation and maintenance of the University Catalogue.
  • certifying students who are eligible to receive educational benefits from the Veterans’ Administration.
  • reviewing student records to determine eligibility for participation in intercollegiate athletics.
  • developing the academic calendar and final exam schedule.
  • keeping the online catalogue and background set-ups current and workable in the computerized student information system.
  • advising transfer, transient and re-admitted students concerning course approval, transfer credit and future academic plans.
  • working with non-traditional situations:  post-baccalaureate students, senior citizens auditing classes, degree completion.
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