On-Campus Job Fair Offers Unique Opportunity for Students

May 10, 2010


Mount Union College recently hosted the first on-campus job fair, where prospective employers were given the opportunity to visit campus and talk with students who are interested in jobs or internships. In addition to talking with prospective employers about career opportunities, the students were able to gain valuable feedback on skills that will be important when they enter the professional world upon graduation.




A representative from First Merit Bank talks with a Mount Union student.

A representative from First Merit Bank talks with a Mount Union student.


The fair was called the "TGIFriday Feedback Forum." Typically, the Mount Union students are given the opportunity to attend several job fairs each spring, held at off-campus locations. Rebecca Doak, director of career development, planned this on-campus fair for the fall semester and geared it toward the interests of students majoring in economics, business administration, accounting or communications.

Doak had attended a meeting of the College's economics, business administration and accounting faculty and learned that, nationwide, there was an indication that recent college graduates are lacking in communication skills. Doak considered this information and decided to incorporate a component to the fair that would enable the recruiters to "gently guide the students" and give them advice.

Students carried with them a sheet with their name and a request for feedback from the representatives of the prospective employers. The feedback form elicited information on the students' handshake and introduction, their ability to communicate and their resume.

"The fair was equally well received by both the students and recruiters," said Doak. "Many of the students said they learned a lot from the recruiters."

In all, over 100 students attended the fair. Doak had planned to hold the business and communications fair annually in the fall, and each year, add another fair geared toward a different area of study. The success of this first attempt has Doak considering adding two fairs next fall.

The Mount Union career services department provides programs and advising so that students can choose a major based on their particular interests, helps foster an understanding of various careers and helps develop work assignments for students in their chosen field of study. Career services also assists students in developing skills required for a successful job search and provides opportunities for senior students to meet with employers and interview for full-time employment.

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