Online Course Evaluations are coming to Mount Union College

November 18, 2008

This fall marks the beginning of a new electronic means of collecting student evaluations of instructors and courses.  The system Mount Union College is using is called CoursEval which enables the evaluation process to be completely anonymous as instructors will not be able to connect the identity of the student to their responses. 

Every semester students in the majority of classes at Mount Union are expected to complete evaluations of the instructor and course.  This information is critical to improvements instructors plan for their courses and as the College plans for the curriculum as a whole.  Aggregate data is then reviewed by the faculty members, department chairs and the dean following the close of the semester after grades are submitted.

The College is proud of the excellent academic program at Mount Union; but, maintaining that excellence requires steady improvement. The faculty and the administration want to know what to change and what to leave alone. The Evaluation of Instructor and Course is an important way for students to let their opinions be heard. Instructors use the results of these evaluations to improve their teaching styles and adapt their courses to the needs of the students. The faculty and the administration value the well-thought-out opinions of the students.

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