Ryan Adler, M '11

Major: PA Studies
Job Title: Physician Assistant

I applied to 10 PA programs and visited several of the schools. It was evident from the interview process at Mount Union that I wasn’t going to be a number, but an individual in the program with the opportunity to have individualized attention if needed. The facilities were among the best that I had seen.

Physician Assistant Studies Program: PANCE Results

In order to become a certified physician assistant, all students must pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE). PANCE is a computerized, multiple-choice test that assesses students' practical medical and surgical knowledge.



Number of
First Time Takers 

Program First
Time Taker
Pass Rate

National First Time Taker
Pass Rate for the Class
Graduation Year
Class of 2013 2013 31 87% 94%
Class of 2014 2014 30 100% 95%
Class of 2015 2015 30 100% 96%
Class of 2016 2016 28 96% 96%
Class of 2017 2017 34 97% 97%


Five Year First Time Taker Average Pass Rate for Program: 96%
Five Year National First Time Taker Average: 96%

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