Ryan Adler

Ryan Adler M ‘11

Major: Physician Assistant Studies
Job Title: Physician Assistant

My education at Mount Union gave me the confidence to go into my career ready to take on new challenges and continue my education on the job.

Physician Assistant Studies Program Mission Statement and Goals

The mission of the Mount Union Physician Assistant Studies Program is to educate knowledgeable, competent, and compassionate physician assistants who provide patient care with professionalism and integrity. 

The curriculum focuses on:

  • the patient as an individual
  • the global impact of the U.S Healthcare Delivery System
  • the PA role on the medical team
  • the importance of life-long learning for the PA

PA Program Goals:

  • Educate Physician Assistants to be excellent health care providers
  • Produce physician assistants who are valued members of the medical team
  • Provide academic and clinical opportunities to enrich the physician assistant education experience
  • Promote health and preventive medicine measures
  • Participate as a partner in providing the community healthcare professionals

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