Brett Fortune ‘17

Brett Fortune ‘17

Major: Nursing
Hometown:Wooster, Ohio

I chose to major in nursing because it is a hands-on major that requires lifelong learning. Plus, the opportunity to make a huge impact in someone's life is exciting and meaningful.

Past Presidents

The president of Mount Union is the chief operating officer and reports to the Mount Union Board of Trustees. The Office of the President is located on the second floor of Beeghly Hall, the primary administrative building on the campus.

From 1846 to present, the administration of the University has been under the leadership of 12 presidents, including Dr. W. Richard Merriman, Jr., current president.

Mount Union Presidents:

Orville Nelson Hartshorn, 1846-1887

Tamerlane Pliny Marsh, 1888-1898

Albert Birdsall Riker, 1898-1908

William Henry McMaster 1899, 1908-1938

Charles Burgess Ketcham, 1938-1953

Carl Cluster Bracy, 1954-1967

Ronald Gilbert Weber '38, 1967-1980

G. Benjamin Lantz Jr., 1980-85

Harold M. Kolenbrander, 1986-2000

John L. Ewing Jr. 2000-2005

Richard F. Giese, 2005-2015
W. Richard Merriman, Jr., 2015-

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