Pay it Forward Grant Will Provide Opportunity for Students to Learn about Philanthropy

February 20, 2010

Mount Union received four Pay it Forward philanthropy mini-grants totaling $18,500 for the spring and fall semester of 2010, which will be used to provide opportunities for students to learn about philanthropy in various courses and engage with the local community by helping address some of Alliance’s biggest needs. 

“The grant was made available by our membership with Ohio Campus Compact,” said Amanda Espenschied-Reilly, director of service-learning and community service at Mount Union. “It was a very short turn around process. With the help of Susan Denning, director of stewardship and grants, we turned the grant proposal in around November and we found out that we were awarded the grant in December.”

Espenschied-Reilly explained that the four mini grants will be awarded to four different courses over the next two semesters. This spring semester, Denning is teaching a course in grant writing and strategic planning, and Dr. Beth Canfield-Simbro, assistant professor of human performance and sport business and co-director of the honors program, will be using the grant money in a community health course.

“Beneficiaries of the grant funds will be chosen by students, but they will all be area non-profit organizations focusing on children and education, community development or health, housing and hunger,” said Espenschied-Reilly.

Next fall the grant money will be awarded to a seminar course in labor taught by Dr. Martin Horning, professor of economics, accounting and business administration, as well as professor of English Dr. Michelle Collins-Sibley’s course in college writing that will focus on the politics of food

“It’s student-led projects, so the students will decide what to do with the money,” said Espenschied-Reilly. “The main objective is to educate students about philanthropy, grantmaking and service to local communities. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to do the project from start to finish and learn how they can make an impact in their community through philanthropic projects.”

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