About the Peacebuilding and Social Justice Minor

In our shrinking global community, peace means more than merely the absence of war or other violent conflict, but rather the conditions needed for humans to flourish – access to food and clean water, education for all, security from harm and other human rights.

As an interdisciplinary academic program, the Peacebuilding and Social Justice minor at the University of Mount Union draws upon the insights and methodologies of the humanities, arts, social sciences and professions, complementing a wide variety of majors and preparing students to become mediators, educators, entrepreneurs, activists and engaged citizens of the world.

The minor in peacebuilding and social justice is administered by the Department of Interdisciplinary and Liberal Studies, which also offers programs in Africana studies and gender studies.

You may also be interested in our political science, sociology, criminal jusitice, and internatial affairs and diplomacy major programs.

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