Peacebuilding and Social Justice Minor Requirements

Required Course

  • Peacebuilding and Social Justice

Two of the following in the Humanities

  • Why Forgive?
  • Christian Social Ethics
  • Religious Conflict and Peacebuilding
  • Global Anglophone Literatures
  • Literature and Human Rights

One of the following in the Social Sciences

  • Social Responsibility and Personal Well-Being
  • The Many Faces of Poverty
  • Terrorism
  • Politics of the Developing World
  • Problems of Developing Nations
  • Peace Communication
  • Persuasion and Social Movements
  • Conflict Management and Negotiation
  • American Indian Rhetoric
  • African American Rhetoric
  • Intercultural Communication

Experiential Requirement
One of the following practicums in peacebuilding that bridges theory and practice

  • Building Community, Building Peace
  • Independent Study
  • Internship
  • Study Abroad Experience
    In consultation with and approval of the Director of the Peacebuilding and Social Justice Program. USAC programs offer a variety of appropriate experiences including but not limited to Holocaust/Genocide/Peace Studies programs in England, Israel, Japan, Korea, Norway, Scotland and Sweden; short-term travel seminars may also qualify.
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