Periodicals/Document Assistant

This position reports to: Library Director, Documents Librarian


Responsible for the maintenance of periodical and government documents collections in all formats.  Maintains all records related to these collections and updates cataloging and holdings information in various library systems.  Responsible for the upkeep of physical collections in both documents and periodicals.  Supervises student assistants in these operations.


  1. Periodicals
    1. Checks-in and processes all incoming journals and newspapers.
    2. Maintains records of missing journal issues and files claims for these issues.
    3. Updates holdings information for print journals in our journal finder, in OCLC catalog records, and in other library systems.
    4. Maintains the physical journal and newspaper collection in both paper and microform.
    5. Prepares bindery shipments and processes the completed volumes.
    6. Checks-in and processes all new microforms.
    7. Pulls and withdraws journals replaced by microforms and ships them to journal vendors.
    8. Maintains a subscription list with vendor and pricing information.
  1. Government Documents
    1. Checks-in and processes all new government documents.
    2. Verifies and corrects all assigned government document classification numbers.
    3. Processes government document cataloging records and item records.
    4. Completes copy cataloging records for government documents and adds them to the library catalog.
    5. Maintains document records and holdings information in OCLC and other library systems.
    6. Maintains the physical government documents collections in all formats.
    7. Assists in the weeding of government document collections.
    8. Files claims for missing documents.
    9. Assists patrons in the use of government documents collections.
  1. Miscellaneous
    1. Trains and supervises student workers in both periodicals and documents processes.
    2. Assists with library displays.
    3. Other duties and projects as assigned.


This is a full-time position with working hours during the normal business day.  Some adjustment of working hours may be required during certain times of the academic year for orientation and other seasonal activities. 


  1. Education
    1. An undergraduate degree from an accredited school is required.
    2. Consideration will be given for other academic experiences including alternative post-secondary education.
  1. Experience
    1. Academic library experience is preferred but not required.
    2. Experience in the areas of periodicals or government documents will be given preference.
    3. Past experience with an Innovative Interfaces library system is preferred.
  1. Skills
    1. Must have excellent computer skills including a knowledge of Microsoft Office software.
    2. Must be able to learn basic cataloging procedures and rules.
    3. Ability to learn the use of various automated library systems.
    4. Ability to learn various classification systems and filing systems.
  1. Attributes
    1. Accuracy in the performance of detailed operations and in the maintenance of records.
    2. Ability to learn quickly and put training into practice.
    3. A well-organized person with good work habits.
    4. A willingness to cope with rapidly changing procedures and technologies.

The University of Mount Union is an EEO employer.


Applications for the position will be reviewed until it is filled. Please submit a letter of application, resume, and the names and contact information of three references. Click on the “Apply Now” button below to apply for this position.


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