Petition to live off campus or commute

University of Mount Union Residency Policy
Mount Union is a residential university and as such ascribes to the belief that the residential experience can significantly contribute to a student’s overall collegiate experience. Therefore, the Office of Residence Life strives to provide residential communities that focus on the living and learning process that is at the core of our University mission to prepare students for meaningful work, responsible citizenship and fulfilling lives. In accordance with those beliefs, all full-time students, prior to their junior year, are required to live on campus unless a Petition to Live Off Campus Prior to Junior Year is submitted to and approved by the Office of Residence Life.

Exceptions will be made for the following reasons:

  1. Live with Parent/Guardian: Students who are living exclusively in the permanent, primary residence of parent(s)/guardian(s) within 45 driving miles of Mount Union.
  2. Lived on campus for four semesters but lack the requisite 58 hours for junior standing.
  3. Married, divorced, widowed or custodial parent (documentation required).
  4. Will be 22 years of age or older, prior to September 1 for that academic year.
  5. Possession of a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college (documentation required).
  6. Served and honorably discharged from the Armed Forces (documentation required).
  7. Medical or Financial Hardship.

Permission to live off campus is only valid as long as the reason for the exemption exists. The University reserves the right to revoke permission granted for off-campus residency when the University deems it necessary or appropriate. Your local address and phone number must be maintained through the Office of Residence Life in order for off-campus approval to remain valid. Any student who does not provide an accurate address and phone number by July 1 will be charged for room.

Any student supplying false information on an petition for off-campus residency or failing to immediately notify the Office of Residence Life upon a change in exemption status, with intent to deceive, will be charged for the semester's or year's room and subject to judicial action. In addition, no refunds for room will be issued after the student has checked into the residence hall. Students are reminded that they are responsible for the rules, regulations and policies of Mount Union whether living on or off campus.

Any petitions submitted for medical reasons must be approved through the Office of Disability Services, Health Services Office and/or Counseling Services. The appropriate verification from one of these offices should be attached with this form.

The priority request deadline for current student applying for off-campus residency is February 15 for the following academic year. Requests prior to that date will receive an answer by March 1. Requests received after that date will be considered at our convenience, but will likely take 2 or more weeks for a response.

Petitions are available from the Office of Residence Life, HPCC. If you have questions about the petition or petition process, contact the Office of Residence Life at (330) 823-2243. Part-time students (students with 11 credit hours or less) need not apply to live off campus, unless they are currently living in a residence hall. The Off-Campus Committee will hear appeals on an individual basis after the committee’s initial meeting to review Petitions.

Petition for Off-Campus Residency Prior to Junior Year

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