Dekota Toot ’15

Major: Philosophy and Psychology
Hometown:Alliance, Ohio

I chose to major in philosophy because it tackles the big questions in life. In philosophy, you are never expected to accept anything as true just because somebody says so. It is up to the individual to judge what is true by reason rather than deferring to an authority figure for the answer.

Hands-On Learning

Students who choose to major in philosophy at Mount Union have ample opportunities to get “real-world” experience outside of the classroom. By getting involved in extracurricular opportunities and student organizations, you can strengthen your skills in logic, analysis, creativity and research, all of which are critical to career success.

Experiential learning opportunities will give you many chances to put classroom knowledge to work. These opportunities, which complement classroom learning, include:

  • Lecturers and discussions with visiting scholars
  • Backpacking and wilderness experiences
  • Field trips to public lectures, museums and conferences
  • Ethics Committee meetings at the local hospital
  • Study abroad experience
  • Independent research
  • Research with faculty or student peers

Phi Sigma Tau is a national philosophy honor society.

Religion and Philosophy Club is a student-led organization on Mount Union’s campus.

To The Top!