Tyler Longstreth

Tyler Longstreth '18

Major: Management/Philosophy
Hometown:Perry, Ohio

I consider home to be the place you think of when you're currently not at that place, and every time I am not at Mount, I am constantly thinking about it.

Philosophy Learning Objectives

Philosophy majors can do anything that any liberal arts major can do, and more!  Graduates majoring in philosophy can be found in government, business and service professions, and in graduate and professional studies such as law, medicine and the ministry, as well as academic disciplines such as philosophy, English, anthropology and psychology. You career choices are limited only by your individual design.

Transferable skills such as the ability to objectively analyze, efficiently organize, competently communicate and thoroughly research contribute to the philosophy major's marketability.

After the completion of the philosophy major requirements, students will:

  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of the history of philosophy in the Western world, including an acquaintance with the representative major figures and movements.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with major philosophical problems in metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with at least one approach to the study of philosophy outside of the mainstream Western analytic tradition (e.g. continental, feminist, and/or eastern).
  • Demonstrate basic competence in formal logic.
  • Read with understanding texts that raise philosophical issues, and be able to identify, analyze and critically evaluate their main theses and supporting arguments.
  • Engage in philosophical research, demonstrating the ability to find, appropriately use, and correctly cite published work in philosophy.
  • Engage in clear, coherent and well-grounded discussion (both orally and in written form) of philosophical issues and arguments.
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