Physical Plant Interesting Facts

Work orders generate most of the daily work for Physical Plant. Over 4,200 work orders were completed last year with a turn around time of one week.

Students, faculty and staff worked side by side at the Nature Center and at various locations throughout Alliance on
  • There are 59 buildings that are maintained on campus.
  • There are 45 licensed vehicles available for use, and six golf carts.
  • To maintain the landscaping on campus, there are five tractors, 15 mowers, six weedeaters, and eight leaf blowers.
  • During the winter, 38 tons of de-icing material is used to keep sidewalks safe.
  • 285,000 pounds of trash is recycled yearly. There are eight tons of trash removed from campus each week when school is in session.
  • There are 916 trees on campus and no leaves go to the landfill, they are either mulched back into the lawn or mixed with topsoil/composted and returned back to the grounds.
  • There are 352 filters changed every month, 77 hot water tanks maintained, 62 boilers to heat the buildings, 53 air handlers, 18 elevators, and 50 different types of light bulbs are used.
  • There are 1,900 exterior windows and 217 exterior doors on campus.
  • There are 1,600 regular telephones on campus, and six emergency telephones.
  • There are 2,500 locks maintained and 4,500 keys were issued last year.
  • 188,000 gallons of water is treated every day in the swimming pool.
  • 275 gallons of floor finish is applied yearly and 140 gallons of carpet shampoo is used.
  • 880,000 square feet of flooring is cleaned during the summer months and 89,394 square feet is maintained weekly.
  • 443 toilets, 275 showers and tubs and 80 water fountains are cleaned daily throughout campus.
  • 12,871 rolls of toilet paper were used last year and 5,360 rolls of paper towels.
    But, we know hands were washed because we provided 13,337 cartridges of hand soap to the campus.
  • There are 9.4 miles of sidewalks maintained and 3,200 gallons of paint sprayed on athletic fields by three paint machines.
  • Physical Plant has many jobs open for student workers and includes grounds, fleet, floor care, mail delivery and set-ups. Check the job book in the Financial Aid office for availability.
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