Policy on Research Involving Human Participants

Institutional Review Board Committee Members

Mount Union Faculty Members

Ron Mendel                        mendelrw@mountunion.edu         (330) 823-4765

Kristine Turko (chair)          turkoks@mountunion.edu             (330) 823-2557

Melissa Muller                    mullermd@mountunion.edu          (330) 823-2873

Spiro Mavroidis                  mavrois@mountunion.edu            (330) 823-3649

Katie Clark                        clarkke@mountunion.edu             (330) 829-8953

Andy Bain                         bainaj@mountunion.edu               (330) 823-2477

Jennifer Martin                  martinjl@mountunion.edu             (330) 823-3196

Community Member
Kathy Ebberling, LSW, Alliance Community Hospital     

Institutional Official
Dr. Patricia Draves, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Univeristy


For Faculty, Students and Staff Conducting Research

Before completing an IRB application, you must first consider the type of research that you are planning to conduct.  Your research will fall into 1 of 3 review categories: exempt, expedited or full.  Once you determine the appropriate category, complete the research application.  Please review the categories and associated materials carefully. 

Exempt Review Category:
Exempt Policies & Procedures Packet

  • Research that is anonymous, does not involve minors, and the collection of data poses no greater risk than normally expected on a typical day.
  • One member of the Committee reviews these proposals.

Expedited Category:
Expedited Policies & Procedures Packet

  • Research that may have confidential collection of data, and exposes participants to risk that is no greater than what they would normally be exposed to on a typical day.
  • Two members of the Committee review these proposals.

Full Category:
Full Policies & Procedures Packet

  • Any study involving greater than minimal risk requires a review by the convened IRB. This includes studies with vulnerable populations and sensitive questions as well as studies with the possibility of physical risk.
  • Studies assigned to full board review are reviewed by all members of the IRB committee and then discussed at the meeting. At the meeting, the committee votes on whether or not to approve the study.

Research Applications for Exempt, Expedited and Full Proposals

IRB Deadlines

All applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, as they are received. For full consideration, the committee requires two weeks to review materials prior to the monthly meeting. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month.

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