Ryan Donaldson ’15

Major: Medical Laboratory Science
Hometown:North Canton, Ohio

When I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. I was interested in becoming a medical technologist, and heard that Mount Union had an outstanding medical technology program.

Policy Statement for Follow Up Care

It is the policy of the Student Health Center of Mount Union that students who obtain diagnostic tests, medical consultations, or other treatments at the Student Health Center receive appropriate follow-up care.

If a student has an x-ray, diagnostic test or medical consultation, the results will be provided to the student during his or her follow-up appointment at the Student Health Center. It is the student's responsibility to return to the Student Health Center to obtain x-ray and diagnostic test results or to receive follow-up care. Unless the x-ray, diagnostic test or medical consultation indicates a serious and/or emergency medical condition, the Student Health Center will make one telephone call to the student to inform him or her of the need to return to the Student Health Center, to schedule or re-schedule appointments, or to follow-up with any treatments or other care. If a student is not available when a telephone call is made to him or her, the Student Health Center will contact the student by email.

Member: American College Health Association and Ohio College Health Association.

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