Political Science

Political Science

About the Political Science Major

Do you care about civil rights, gender rights, the environment, government spending …? Are you concerned about poverty, gun rights, or the reform of drug laws…? Do you want to make an impact on how our nation is run? Do you want to change the world or just make a difference in your community? Then political science is the right major for you. Be engaged through our comprehensive program that stresses real world experience and provides you with the skills to make a meaningful impact locally and globally. Explore opportunities for active learning in our Model UN or Mock Trial, network with alumni who are making a real difference or get involved in an internship that will allow you to discover where your future may lead.

Mount Union political science alumni not only work in the government, including for members of Congress, with state and local officials and in government offices, but they are also leaders in non-profits and private businesses, are elected officials and civic organizers, improving their communities and changing our world.

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