Dr. Michael Grossman

Teaching Area(s): Political Science

Mount Union can offer something that most other schools cannot: It can provide you with the education you would find at a big state school but with the added benefit of small classes and faculty members who really know their students.

Testimonials from Political Science Majors

“Mount Union offers many different chances for its students to have great experiences. Students can study abroad, participate in service trips or get internships. I was interested in taking advantage of all of those experiences and saw that the University of Mount Union provided me with many ways to do so.”
– Teale Harold ‘11

“The best part about Mount Union is the relationship the student body and professors share with each other. The internship opportunities are also very rewarding.”
– Allison Marini ‘11

"Political Science is a challenging major that prepares you for the globalized world in which we live. It gives you a greater appreciation for the way in which politics and the law affect our daily lives. There are many opportunities for internships in the field that provide valuable job skills and contacts in today's competitive job market."
-Sarah Kufta

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