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Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions Program

With the increasing demand for health-related services, there has never been a better time to consider a career as a health professional. As our health care system increases in complexity, there is a need for caring, competent individuals in many areas of expertise. As a student in the pre-medical and pre-health professions program, you can benefit from a unique and tailored plan that fits your background and future aspirations.

Mount Union graduates have found success working in the healthcare field in private practice, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals across the country, including the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.

Graduates of Mount Union’s pre-medical and pre-health program have a high rate of acceptance to professional schools in all health fields.  Students go on to study health sciences in places such as The Ohio State University, University of Toledo, Ohio University, Lake Erie College of Medicine and Wright State University.

The pre-medical and pre-health professions (PMPHP) program exists to help you prepare yourself for entrance into, and success in, health professions schools. Notice that it is not the program that prepares you for entrance into professional schools; rather, the program will help you prepare yourself. Your success is up to you. The program will be useful in guiding you through the intricacies of the application and preparation process, but you are the one who has to do it!  Aiding you in your journey will be the pre-medical and pre-health professions advisor, the PMPHP Committee and the faculty at Mount Union.  You will find all of these will be valuable assets as you pursue your goal of a career in healthcare.

Most of our students will major in in one of the following areas:  athletic training, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, or exercise science.

You may also want to check out health, healthcare management, medical technology, neuroscience and public health.