Testimonials from the Pre-Medicine & Pre-Health Program

  • "Progressing through Mount Union’s Pre-Health Program equipped me with invaluable tools and experiences which, together, have ensured my success in dental school. Not only did I gain a foundational understanding in areas critical to the healthcare field such as chemistry, biology and physiology, I also gained unrivaled insight and hands on experience in areas of research at the forefront of patient care. My time at Mount Union challenged me to grow as an individual, allowing me to enter the healthcare field, confident in my education, and passionate about my career as a health professional." 
    - Mike Border ’10 (dental student, the Ohio State University College of Dentistry)
  • “I received a solid foundation from my chemistry and biology classes at Mount. Truly, my entire first year of professional school at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy was review. Even in my professional career, I believe that my liberal arts background that I received from Mount Union has helped me relate to and communicate more effectively with my patients and co-workers.”
    - Dr. Katharine (Kahl) Klinger, RPh ‘04
  • Mount Union's biochemistry curriculum undoubtedly prepared me for the challenges of optometric examinations by developing my critical thinking skills and imparting a thorough understanding of basic sciences. A well-rounded, liberal arts education is an invaluable asset that I utilize daily to be an effective clinician.”
    - Ryan Hooper ’10 (Optometry student, Illinois College of Optometry)
  • “There is a pre-health professions committee (made up of faculty members) on campus that sets up mock graduate school interviews for students – one practice interview and one real mock committee interview. The members who sit in on the interview ask you a variety of questions and then tell you want your strengths and weaknesses are. As a committee, they create a committee letter that a student can send as a letter of recommendation when applying to graduate school. They do more than just medical school interviews. They do anything in the health field (chiropractic, dental, physician assistant, etc.).”
    - David Herman ’12 (MPH graduate student, Wright State University)
  • “Mount Union’s Pre-Health Program offers a strong science foundation, personalized guidance, and an organized schedule that kept me on track throughout undergrad. I am grateful for the knowledge I gained while at Mount Union because it prepared me for the rigorous coursework I have encountered while at Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine. As a Mount Union Pre-Health graduate, I was more prepared than many of my peers and am successfully moving towards my goal of becoming a Podiatric Physician.”
    - Anthony Grant ’10 (podiatry student, Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine)
  • "My experiences at Mount went well beyond my education. The help and guidance I received was unparalleled to simply learning out of any book. I was well prepared to become the best candidate that I could be. I know this helped me as I applied not only to graduate school at The Ohio State University (College of Public Health) but also medical school at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. For this I am greatly thankful."
    - Vanderbilt Robison ‘10 (Medical Student, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine)
  • “Mount provided me with a strong foundation academically, professionally, and personally to reach my goals of becoming a physician.”
    - Dr. Joseph Rettig, M.D.  ’08 (Resident, University of West Virginia Emergency Medicine)

  • “I loved my experience at Mount Union and my only regret is that it ended so seemingly soon. I feel that Mount Union, by fostering my skills as a critical thinker and an analyzer, prepared me to excel in the rest of life and just as importantly for medical school, on the MCAT, allowing me to become a very competitive applicant. 2+ years into medical school and one major board exam down, I still wholeheartedly believe that my experiences at Mount Union formed the foundation for my success in medical school. I can recall using principles in learned during Dr. Scott Mason’s analytical chemistry course and Dr. Debra Boyd-Kimball’s biochemistry courses at several points throughout medical school. For anyone seriously interested in a career as a physician I would recommend, without the slightest reservation, the Pre-Med Program at the University of Mount Union.”
    -Tony Brewer ’08 (Medical Student, University of Toledo School of Medicine) 

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