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Presidential Scholarship Competition FAQs

  • Who is invited to the Presidential Scholarship competition?
  • What time does the Presidential Scholarship competition start? When will it end?
    • Registration opens at 8:30 a.m., and the program begins promptly at 9 a.m. Competition activities conclude around 12 p.m., and all guests are asked to stay for a catered lunch and opportunity for conversation with Mount Union faculty, staff, and students. Optional campus tours, honors information sessions, and other campus activities occur following lunch.
  • What should I wear?
    • Candidates are encouraged to dress interview formal. Candidates may bring walking shoes should they desire to wear them during a short walk across campus.
  • Can I prepare an essay ahead of time? Can I see questions in advance?
    • Candidates are not permitted to prepare an essay or view questions in advance of their competition date.
  • What will my parents do while I’m competing?
    • While candidates are competing, optional expert panels speaking about Mount Union topics of interest to parents of future UMU students will occur. The Hoover-Price Campus Center also offers wireless internet, and parents are free to explore the building and campus, or to leave campus until their students finish competing.
  • What does the Presidential Scholarship competition event include?
    • Candidates will participate in a 20 minute interview and will write an essay on one of several topics provided on the day of the competition. Students and their guests are also invited for a catered lunch and an optional campus tour and honors information session.
  • Who is in the interview?
    • Each candidate will interview with two faculty members and one current UMU Presidential Scholar.
  • Can I meet with a professor in a specific department on the competition day?
    • Due to the competition day schedule, we are unable to schedule one-on-one meetings. However, we invite you to come to campus a day early, or any other time that fits your schedule, to meet with a professor or go to a class. You can schedule a traditional campus visit and/or faculty meeting here:
  • Can I meet with a coach on the competition day?
    • You may make arrangements to meet with a coach following the event which ends at approximately 12:30. Athletic appointments can be made by contacting  the athletic department at (330) 829-8224 ahead of time.
  • Is there any benefit to attending one competition date over another?
    • No, recipients of the Presidential Scholarship will be selected out of the entire pool of competitors.
  • How many students participate in the competition?
    • The number will vary annually. In 2013, we hosted 164 candidates in the Presidential Scholarship competition.
  • Do I compete against students on my competition date only, or students from all three competition dates?
    • All students are competing against one another. Presidential Scholarship recipients will be selected out of the entire pool of competitors rather than a limited number on each date.
  • What kind of academic scholarships am I competing for?
    • Eight candidates will be selected to receive the full-tuition Presidential Scholarship. Alternates will be selected as well. Remaining candidates will be considered for a $16,000 Trustee Scholarship to replace the previously awarded $14,000 Academy Scholarship. (You can learn more about our scholarship stacking policy here:
  • What GPA do I have to uphold to maintain my scholarship?
    • The Trustee and Presidential academic scholarships are four-year renewable for eight consecutive undergraduate semesters provided that you maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale (to be evaluated annually after the conclusion of your fourth semester at Mount Union).
  • When will I hear the results?
    • Decisions are made by April 1. All students who compete will receive notification of the competition results at this time.
  • I can’t make it on one of the scheduled competition dates. Can I compete on a different date?
    • Students must compete on one of the scheduled competition dates. No exceptions will be granted.
  • I live more than six hours away from Mount Union and cannot physically be on campus for the event. Can I still compete?
    • While many students from distant states recognize the benefit of competing on campus and make the trip, we do consider exceptions on a case-to-case basis.  A written request to be considered to compete long-distance should be sent to the director of admission, Jess Canavan, at, at least two weeks prior to the event date. Your request should speak to the compelling reasons that you are requesting an exception and the obstacles that exist relative to coming to campus.  Not all requests can be granted, but all will be considered.
    • International applicants meeting the Presidential Scholarship Competition requirements are eligible to compete long-distance via a telephone interview.  A written request to compete long-distance should be sent to the director of admission, Jess Canavan, at, at least two weeks prior to the event date.