President's Message – Fall/Winter 2015

January 06, 2016

Dear friends,

As Margot and I imagined, the University of Mount Union campus is gloriously beautiful in the fall. We thought it would be, but it was under six inches of snow and slush when we first visited in November of last year.

As we hoped, the people of Mount Union and Alliance are wonderfully friendly and welcoming. We thought they would be, but it’s easy to get fooled by a campus interview during which everyone is putting his or her best foot forward.

As we sensed, the alumni of the University are intensely loyal to Mount Union. We felt they would be, but results are the best measure of alumni loyalty. Alumni giving to the Mount Union Fund, the number of legacy freshmen in the incoming class and our early encounters with multi-generation Mount families all confirm the alumni loyalty that we sensed.

As we thought, the faculty, administration, and Trustees of Mount Union are truly invested in Mount Union’s success and they bring great passion to their work and to their leadership roles. That’s how it seemed to us, that’s what we talked about during the long months of waiting to make our start at Mount Union. And now we see: that’s how it is.

We’re excited to be at Mount Union, we’re grateful for the opportunity to make a
contribution to its important mission, and we look forward to getting to know you.
Thanks for all you do for the University of Mount Union!

Best regards,

– Dick Merriman
President, University of Mount Union

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