President's Message - Fall/Winter 2017

December 21, 2017

 Scrip front  Scrip back


Dear friends,

Astonishing things show up in the mail (and the email) of a university president. Last month, I received a showstopper: mid-19th century scrip issued by Mount Union College. 

The scrip highlights important and enduring attributes of Mount Union. It celebrates the comprehensive nature of the college, noting classical, scientific, normal, musical, fine art, and commercial departments. Mount’s commitment to opportunity and access is made obvious: MT. UNION COLLEGE ADMITS BOTH SEXES, AT ANY TIME, IN EACH DEPARTMENT. The currency trumpets a fact we celebrate today: This college possesses first-class educational facilities. 

Most of all, the scrip embodies the focus on experiential learning at Mount Union. It supported instruction in the institution’s “actual” or “commercial” business education program, which focused on the business practicalities of recording transactions and balancing accounts in banks and railroad offices. Students needed money to practice with, so Mount Union printed it!

The University still emphasizes “hands-on” learning experiences for students. The generous help of thousands of Mount Union Fund and scholarship donors -  who are highlighted in the Honor Roll – makes it possible. 

Thanks for all you do for Mount Union!
Best regards, 

Dick Merriman
President, University of Mount Union

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