President's Message - Spring/Summer 2016

July 21, 2016

Dear friends,

Last month’s Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies brought to a close a memorable year of “firsts” at Mount Union for my family and me. What a year it has been!

It has been a great experience to meet Mount Union’s alumni and friends at receptions, dinners and athletic events across Ohio and around the country. At every such gathering, it was clear that the University’s graduates and our community of friends are very committed to the success of Mount Union. They are eager to share their stories about its life-changing impact and they follow the University’s progress with great passion and interest. 

It is a privilege to work with the University’s faculty and administrative colleagues from across campus. The quality of the Mount Union faculty and our academic programs puts us in the first rank of private institutions in the Midwest. The energy of our advancement and alumni staff helps to generate tremendous enthusiasm and charitable support for Mount, and our admission staff members are wonderful ambassadors for the University. Outstanding programs and support from the student affairs staff, wonderful opportunities in the visual and performing arts and one of the best Division III athletic programs in the country help provide an environment for student growth and achievement that is remarkable.

Mount Union’s Board of Trustees provides vision and counsel for today and tomorrow.  They also offer an inspiring example of outstanding philanthropic support for the University and our students.

It’s not surprising to find these ingredients for greatness at Mount Union – it’s a great university! It is exciting to think about what we can achieve next.

Thanks for welcoming Margot and me, and thanks for all you do for Mount Union!


Best regards,

- Dick Merriman

President, University of Mount Union

To The Top!