President's Message | Spring/Summer 2017

July 19, 2017

Dewald Honors DinnerDear friends,

My two years at Mount Union have given me the opportunity to meet a couple thousand of the University’s alumni. Those encounters have confirmed an early impression I had about Mount Union: the University excels at creating leaders. 

At Mount, leadership development starts at the human level: students are in close contact with faculty members, administrators, and coaches each day. Our students are inspired and shaped by the contagious passion and commitment of the leaders who teach and work here. 

An intentional approach to student development is the second key to building successful leaders. It is true that moments of difficulty and failure are part of the biography of most leaders, but leaders grow by successfully meeting manageable, and progressively more difficult, challenges. Through participation in clubs, ensembles, teams, and other organizations, our students are given thoughtfully structured opportunities to build their leadership “muscles” day by day.

A final key ingredient in the development of leaders is engagement with ideas about purpose, vocation, and calling. Just getting serious once in a while – asking “What are my strengths, and how should I use them?” – can be a challenge for busy students. In a thousand ways, Mount Union communicates to students that this kind of reflection is essential to living a valuable and meaningful life.

At Mount Union, we are committed to building leaders for the world. This issue of the Mount Union Magazine puts the spotlight on some of the ways we do it. I hope you will enjoy learning more. 

Thanks for all you do for Mount Union!

Best regards,

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Dick Merriman
President, University of Mount Union

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