Presidents Message - Winter 2014

Carrie Coon…If you’re not yet familiar with this name, I have an inkling you’ll be hearing it mentioned repeatedly in the near future. The 2003 Mount Union graduate is, without a doubt, on the rise. A Tony Award nominated performance in Broadway’s “Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” A starring role in the HBO series “The Leftovers.” Her silver screen debut in the recent box office hit “Gone Girl.” It’s no wonder that Carrie is making headlines. Yet, even as her fame grows, Carrie remains down-to-earth – grounded with a keen awareness of and appreciation for her roots.

Picture this. It’s 7 p.m. on an early-October Sunday evening in Alliance, Ohio. The food court of Carnation Mall is nearly empty, with the exception of an enthusiastic crowd of Mount Union community members who are awaiting the arrival of a special guest. A few moments later, in walks Carrie Coon. No entourage. No security. No driver or limousine. As she approaches the small group with an extended hand and smiling face, it is easy to forget that she is a Hollywood star.

Carrie was absolutely gracious as she joined us in Alliance for two showings of “Gone Girl” during its opening weekend. Hundreds of Mount Union community members gathered at the local cinema to watch the film and engage with Carrie as she answered audience questions, met with a group of freshmen who had read “Gone Girl” as a course requirement and reminisced about her days on campus. She shook hands, signed autographs and posed for group photos, all while offering advice to our students and thanks to those at Mount Union who guided her along the way. It was truly a highlight of the academic year, and we can’t thank her enough for making it a reality!

Carrie, we couldn’t be more proud to call you one of our own! It is with eager anticipation (and a bit of that “Gone Girl” suspense), that we await all that you will accomplish in the future!

To The Top!