Frequently Asked Preview Questions

Preview Mount Union


What is Preview: Mount Union?
Preview: Mount Union is the chance all new students have to “preview” what life is like at Mount Union! It is our summer orientation program and provides an overview of all that Mount Union has to offer its students. You’ll learn how to schedule classes, what it’s like to stay in a residence hall, how to access the University’s network, and meet a TON of new people!

Where do I go to register for a session of Preview: Mount Union?
Registration for Preview: Mount Union can be found at The link is located on this page and labeled “Register Now!” You will need your Mount Union username and password in order to access this site. (Students who’ve paid their $150 deposit will receive a letter in the mail that contains their username and password.)

I can’t log in to the Preview: Mount Union registration, what do I do?
Go to Then, scroll down and click the "Register Now" box/button. Once you click on the box, you'll then be prompted to enter your username and password.When you enter your username, you must type the word campus\ in front of your username. (i.e. "campus\<insert you username here>") Also, be sure to use the backward slash "\", rather than the forward slash "/".Once you enter "campus\username" and your password, the registration form should open.

What happens if I live 5 hours (or more) from campus, and I cannot attend a summer session of Preview: Mount Union?
Please contact us about Preview: Mount Union registration, directly, at (330) 823-6051 or by email,

I already have my email address, why do I have to come to Preview: Mount Union?
Preview is so much more than learning about IT! While an extremely important part (and there’s still more to learn than just your email address) students will be engaging in the following activities:

  • Meeting a TON of new people!
  • Scheduling classes for fall semester
  • Taking the math proficiency exam
  • Having your student ID card picture taken and receiving your Purple Plu$
  • Learning more about your major, minor and general education curriculum

Can I register over the phone?
No, but you can register online at Just follow the instructions!

When and how will I receive confirmation for a session of Preview: Mount Union?
Once the Office of First Year Initiatives receives your registration information and processes your information, your confirmation will be emailed to your University of Mount Union email address. So, in other words, check your Mount Union email regularly and often! Should you need to change your session after a confirmation has been sent, please call the Office of First Year Initiatives at (330) 823-6051 or (330) 823-7288.

What’s the deadline for registering for a session of Preview: Mount Union?
The deadline to register for Preview: Mount Union Sessions 1 and 2 is Monday, June 20
The deadline to register for Preview: Mount Union Sessions 3 and 4 is Monday, July 11
There is no deadline for Transfer Student Preview registration.

Do I have to stay overnight in campus housing?
Yes, if you are living on campus in the fall.

I am a commuter student. Do I have to stay overnight?
If you are planning to commute to Mount Union in the fall, you are not required to stay on campus for Preview: Mount Union. Although you will not be living on campus, spending the night on campus is a great way to meet other new students. The Preview: Mount Union Staff pairs up commuter students during the sessions so you are able to meet others who are also commuting to Mount Union. Also, our evening activities can go later into the evening, and we start early the next morning, so it may be much easier to spend the night in our residence halls.

When does Preview: Mount Union begin?
Preview: Mount Union begins with check in at 11 a.m. on the first day of each session. Students and their guests have from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. to get registered, move in to their room for the night, visit the B and B café for lunch (if you’d like, it’s optional at a cost), and peruse the University Bookstore, all taking place in the Hoover-Price Campus Center.

Do we have to attend all the sessions?
There are 2 answers to this question –
1) you select 1 session of Preview: Mount Union to attend. You attend those for 2 days and 2) you are required to attend a session of Preview: Mount Union in its entirety, including all of the programming occurring over the 2 days you are on campus.

When is Preview: Mount Union over?
Preview: Mount Union ends when the student has completed his or her academic advising session. Academic Advising begins at 2:15 pm on Day 2, and each student sees his or her academic advisor (a member of the faculty or staff) individually, so it could be early, or it could take some time. We average about 14-16 students to see each academic advisor. We do not dismiss students early.

Does a family member need to attend Preview: Mount Union with me?
Family members are welcome and encouraged to attend the Preview: Mount Union days; however, it is not required. Many students bring family members while others come on their own. It is up to you. We do have programs and information for parents and families, so if they do attend, it will be beneficial for them. Be sure to note, however, that there is a cost for guests to attend; it is $50 per person.

What’s the $50 fee for?
The $50 per guest charge is an administrative fee that helps to fund the entire Preview: Mount Union program. This charge is only applicable to each guest who attends with a new student, not to the new student attending. This charge may not be prorated for partial attendance or for staying off campus.

Where do my family members or guests stay overnight?
Family members and guests are welcome to stay in one of Mount Union’s suite-style, air-conditioned halls on campus (which is included as part of the $50 guest fee) or can choose to stay in an area hotels. Fees are not waived or reduced for not staying in the halls.

Can younger children attend?
We ask that younger children, especially those under the age of 10, not attend Preview: Mount Union.

If I have a disability or me or my guest is in need of accommodation during Preview: Mount Union, who do I contact?
If you are in need of accommodations during Preview: Mount Union, please be sure to indicate that on the online registration form. You may also contact us in the Office of First Year Initiative at (330) 823-6051. If you have a need for an accommodation during the school year due to a documented disability, please contact the Office of Student Accessibility Services at or call (330) 823-7372.

Will I receive my housing assignment at Preview: Mount Union?
No. Students will receive their housing assignments during the first week in August.

How do I sign up to live on campus?
When you log into the University of Mount Union’s portal, iRaider, there is a link for myHousing. At that site, you will be able to apply for campus housing, indicate your hall preferences, complete a profile that will help us to match you with a roommate, and also to request a specific roommate. All specific roommate requests must be mutual. The link to this housing form is also provided on the final page of your Preview: Mount Union online registration form for your convenience.

Can I turn in my health forms while at Preview: Mount Union?
Sure! There will be a drop-box at the information desk for Health Center forms during Preview. The forms are going to be sent to the Health Center on Tuesdays after each Preview: Mount Union weekend. If you have questions or want to ensure that forms were received, please call (330) 823-2692 the week following your session.

Do the proficiency tests count toward my grade? Do I have to take it?
No, the testing has no impact on your grades. The math test simply provides the opportunity to test in to the appropriate level of math required for academic requirements. Foreign language proficiency is not a required exam; however students may have the option of taking it to see if they have completed the foreign language requirement. Foreign language proficiency exams are given in Spanish, French, German and Japanese. If you have not taken or learned any of these foreign languages, most likely you will not take the foreign language proficiency exam.

Is it best to come to an earlier session so I don’t get closed out of classes later in the summer?
It actually doesn’t matter. The Academic Advisor works with the student to compose a schedule of classes that best fits his or her needs both academically and co-curricularly. Every student ends up with a schedule, regardless of which Preview: Mount Union session they attend; the Registrar does a great job of ensuring that!

What is FYS?
The FYS or First Year Seminar, is an academic class. This course serves to introduce the core learning abilities (with particular emphasis on communication skills) in the context of academic inquiry. In this course, you will begin to develop a complete perspective of a liberal arts education, understand critical thinking in the university context and become oriented to university life. Additionally, the faculty member who teaches this seminar will serve as your initial academic advisor and will help you explore the opportunities of a University of Mount Union education, including scheduling for classes until you’ve declared a major. As you register for Preview, you’ll have the chance to select up to 5 options for which section you would like to take, as each one is different! Review the FYS course descriptions.

Will I have FUN at Preview: Mount Union?
Of course! This is a great opportunity for you to not only learn more about Mount Union and what we have to offer you, but it's an opportunity to meet other new students and our current student staff of amazing Preview Guides! We have lots of fun activities planned throughout your time on campus, including your guide group meetings and the sweet Preview Mixer. Seriously, you really don't want to miss out!

And don’t forget …
All final transcripts from post-secondary/dual credit option and/or scores from advanced placement exams needs to be turned in or sent in to the Office of Admission as soon as you are able. Any transferred college credits must also be submitted to the Office of Admission, which will forward this information to the Office of the Registrar. Questions regarding scheduling should be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs, (330) 823-2690 or (800) 992-6682, ext. 2690.

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