Preview Scheduled for June and July

June 03, 2010

What is Preview?
Preview is a two-day program functioning as part of the ongoing and multi-faceted transition process for new Mount Union students. Students attending Preview make purposeful and meaningful connections within the Mount Union community to increase their future success as college students. During Preview, new students have the chance to meet other new students, stay overnight in a residence hall, schedule for classes, pick up their Purple Plu$ student ID card, learn about the academic curriculum of their majors and Mount Union, obtain their email address and attend the Preview mixer.

Transfer Students
Mount Union offers a special, one-day Preview for transferring students. Transfer Student Preview this year is scheduled for Friday, August 13. This program is specifically designed to transition those students who have already completed college course credit at another institution. While transferring students may attend any session of the summer Preview, Transfer Student Preview is designed with the transfer in mind. In addition to making student, faculty, staff and family connections, Transfer Student Preview 2010 will provide students with the foundation to succeed academically. This includes math and foreign language testing (if necessary), learning more about general education at Mount Union and meeting with the Registrar to finalize an academic schedule for the fall semester.

Students Traveling More Than 5 Hours
Mount Union will offer a special version of Preview during Fall Orientation for students who live farther than 5 hours from Mount Union and are unable to make the trip to campus during the summer months. Please contact the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership directly for more details on this session.

Preview Attendance
Attendance at a session of Preview is required for allnew students planning to attend Mount Union this fall. Students will have the chance to select from four sessions offered throughout the summer months. Family members and/or guests are invited to attend the Preview family program at a cost.

2010 Preview StaffPreview 2010 will take place on:

Preview 1              June 25-26

Preview 2              June 27-28

Preview 3              July 9-10

Preview 4              July 11-12 

Frequently asked Questions about Preview:

I am commuting to Mount Union in the fall, do I have to stay overnight at Preview?
No. You do not have to stay overnight if you are a commuting student, however you are invited to if you would like. If you plan on living in a residence hall, you will have to attend.  

Do my parents have to attend Preview?
No. Your parents/guardians do not have to attend, although we have a family program designed just for them. For Transfer Student Preview, there is no parent program.

If I am a transfer student do I have to attend Transfer Student Preview or can I attend any of the sessions?
You can attend any of the Preview sessions. Transfer Student Preview is designed with transferring student needs in mind.

Do the math and foreign language tests count toward my grades?
No they do not. The foreign language proficiency offers you the opportunity to see if you qualify for the 102-level of the language of your choice (Japanese, German, French or Spanish). The math placement tells you what level math courses would be best you to start with. All Mount Union students are required to take both foreign language credits and mathematics credits, regardless of major.

Questions and Registration
If you need any further information, please contact the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership by calling (800) 992-6682, ext. 7288 or by emailing All of our registration documents and other related information is available on the Preview website:

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