Preview 2017

Preview is a chance to “preview” much of what Mount Union has to offer you, a new student, in terms of University life. You will schedule classes, learn about extracurricular activities, meet faculty, stay overnight in a first year residence hall and much more! Attending Preview will teach you why and how our students are ready for fulfilling lives, meaningful work and responsible citizenship upon graduation!

  • Preview Session 1 June 23-24
  • Preview Session 2 June 25-26
  • Preview Session 3 July 14-15
  • Preview Session 4 July 16-17

If you are unable to make any of the above Preview session, please contact the Office at 330-823-8685 or

Steps to RSVP for a Preview Session

Step 1: Pay your commitment deposit:
In order to reserve your spot in a session of Preview, you need to have paid your deposit with the Office of Admission at the University of Mount Union. If you are unsure as to your payment status, we encourage you to contact the Office of Admission at or
(330) 823-2590.

Step 2: Create your Email Account:
Once your deposit is received, you will receive a letter containing your email account and login information.

Step 3: Make a Reservation for Preview:
A Preview reservation postcard will be mailed to students as they enroll, and we’ve also included information about making a reservation for Preview in the weekly New Raider News emails new students are receiving. Be sure to be on the lookout for one of these to know that you can make your Preview reservation. You can also see directions to make your Preview Reservation on the New Student Checklist. In this checklist, there are directions to log into the MyHousing system to complete your Preview reservation!

Please note that you will need your username and password to make your Preview reservation, and in that reservation form, we will ask for academic information including your intended major, your academic interests, and about any College Credit Plus or AP work you’ve completed.

When you make a reservation for Preview, you will also be asked to provide us with academic information, such as: intended major, dual-credit or postsecondary work, AP credit, etc.

We have a limit on the number of students attending each session, so please be sure to register as soon as you are able in order secure your first choice session.

Family Members and Guests

Parents, family members and guests are welcome to attend a Preview session with their new student. We provide a guest schedule that runs concurrent with the student schedule. You can find a sample of the guest schedule here. Note: some programs guests and students are separated.

Students can make a reservation for guests when they sign up online. There is a guest fee of $50 per person. The fee includes meals, overnight housing, parking, materials received during the session and much more. There is NO perforated rate for guests who do not attend the entire session or do not stay in the housing facilities overnight.

All guests who wish to spend the night will be housed in our suit style residence hall with Air Conditioning. The suit style housing includes two rooms connected by a shared bathroom.  If you reserve housing there is a possibility that you will have to share a bathroom with a fellow guest at the program. If you have special restrictions or arrangements (other guest you would like to room or share a bathroom with) please indicate it on your reservation. We will do our best to accommodate requests. Overnight housing is included in the $50 guest reservation fee.  Basic linens are provided in all rooms (sheets, a very light blanket and towel).

Questions and Further Information

Please use the links to the right help you prepare for your session of Preview. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us using the information below.

For more information, contact:
Office of First Year Initiatives
(330) 823-8685

We look forward to seeing you at Preview next summer!

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