Professional School Mock Interviews

For many students, applying and interviewing for professional school can be both stressful and intimidating. At the University of Mount Union, our Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions Committee prepares you to approach this process with confidence and composure. In fact, during a student’s junior year, they have the opportunity to participate in a mock professional school interview, during which members of the Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions Committee simulate what a professional school sit down interview would be like. Students who are interested in continuing their education by attending professional school, whether it be medical, optometry, pharmacy, dental or veterinarian school, can take advantage of this practical and invaluable preparation.

Members of the committee are given the student’s transcript, personal statement and list of activities to review prior to conducting the mock interview. During the 30-minute mock interview, students will be asked a variety of questions regarding their interest in the field, commitment to the chosen profession, academic readiness, experience, interpersonal skills, character and values. In addition, committee members will ask the students about their knowledge of the healthcare system and how it will be affected by medicine in the future. They also give students scenarios, ranging anywhere from problem solving to ethical situations, that challenge students to think on their feet.

Once the interview is finished, members of the committee transition to a mentor role where they talk about what went right and wrong. By discussing strengths and weaknesses of the interview, students leave knowing their areas of improvement. This relevant experience allows them to refine their interview skills in a more efficient manner. Students are later given written feedback on their interview in addition to their application materials (personal statement, list of activities, etc.)

Currently, the committee is made up of Mount Union faculty members. In the near future, the committee will include either practicing or retired doctors as well.

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