Program Review

Assessment at Mount Union is ongoing and cyclical. . .

Program Review: On a 7 year cycle, departments undergo a thorough Program Review.

Departments base their self-studies on the following components:

  • Alumni survey of graduates four years after graduation.
  • Student input on departmentally constructed surveys or focus groups
  • Course syllabus audit conducted by the department.
  • Reports on student credit hour production, faculty student ratio, enrollment trends overall and by course level, grade distribution trends; numbers of graduates, course delivery to other programs and general education; and other data as requested by the department. (This data is provided by institutional research.)
  • Assessments of Senior Culminating Experience:  Annually departments assess the achievement of student learning in the senior culminating experience course for the majors.  Completing this annual exercise for each major informs faculty of where their students’ strengths lie and where weaknesses may be present.  From their discussions about these outcomes, faculty can determine alternate course sequences, content or pedagogy which will enhance their students’ learning and achievement of departmental and program goals.

Self Studies describe:

  • The department’s analysis of these data
  • Their strengths and any weaknesses as a department as well as in their role in the general education program of the college
  • The department mission in relation to the college’s mission and projects goals for continued growth and development into the future.

The Review:

  • An external reviewer (a faculty member from a similar type institution and program) receives the self study and other relevant materials and visits for a day or more to meet with members of the department faculty, students and relevant staff.
  • Provides a written document of the reviewer’s findings, commendations and recommendations

The Follow-up:

  • Following the review the department meets with the Dean to discuss the process and the findings and all agree on any steps that need to be taken for continued growth and development of the programs offered by the department.
  • The “results” or agreements arrived at from one program review will flow into subsequent reviews and into the decennial reaccredidation review by the North Central Association.

Periodic Assessment Activities:

  • First time, entering student survey
  • LS 100 – outcomes survey
  • Integrative experience survey
  • Faculty feedback surveys on LS 100, Convocation programming
  • Teacher Education course level outcomes assessment activities
  • Annual Alumni Surveys conducted by Education; Psychology; and Economics, Accounting and Business Administration


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