Progress Reports

The Office of Academic Support coordinates a comprehensive Progress Report process to effectively organize and communicate academic progress updates from the University of Mount Union faculty members. Respective faculty members will receive a Progress Report request at Week 4 of every semester, in order to monitor the academic progress of at-risk or struggling students on campus. These requests come in individual Excel documents, and are specific only to the students enrolled in that faculty member’s course(s). Progress Reports follow a standard template that requests the student’s current grade, attendance, and other relevant questions related to academic success. Faculty are asked to respond to these updates in a timely manner so that effective outreach can occur for that student.

All Progress Reports are kept confidential to the Office of Academic Support, and its respective colleagues, to assist struggling students to the best of our ability. Students will be contacted by either campus email, phone, or other outreach attempts if a concerning Progress Report has been received, and their faculty advisor will be copied on any campus email communication sent by the Office of Academic Support.

Faculty members can learn more about the process and respective deadlines by contacting the Office of Academic Support at, or by calling the Director of Academic Support at 330-823-3146.

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