Kate O'Neil '16

Major: Financial Math and Economics
Hometown:Beaver, PA

There is room for creative spirit in both of my majors, and even my minor. Getting a liberal arts education gives me that option to take classes unrelated to my future career that I am taking for pure interest.

Promote your organization on WRMU!

The promotions team at WRMU 91.1 FM constantly works to keep promotions of campus and local events up to date. Our goal is to inform the campus and community of your events and activities.

We are keeping a calendar of events, which will be posted weekly in the radio station. The on air DJ's will announce the event and the organization that is sponsoring the event.

For those organizations wishing to create promotional materials to be aired on WRMU, the promotions director will make a 30-60 second public service announcement that will be played on air. You are more than welcome to help out with this if you would like. This will help the attendance at your event as well as help the campus community.

**WRMU will produce PSA's if necessary. Please allow a two-week advance notice.

If you have any questions you may contact WRMU via email at wrmu@mountunion.edu or contact the WRMU directors office by phone at (330) 823-3777.


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