The main property of the J.T. Huston - Dr. J.D. Brumbaugh Nature Center encompasses 162 acres of land in Washington Township, 32 of which were bought at auction (2003) . The main portion of the woods (110 acres) was donated by Dr. Brumbaugh in 1986 and is divided into three main areas of growth. The "New Woods" on the Western edge of the property are no more than 60 years old. These trees have grown back from cultivated farmland since the 1960's. The "Middle Woods" regenerated from a heavily grazed pasture. This area was too steep and rugged for cultivation The "Old Woods" are virgin timber to Ohio. This area at the Eastern end of the Nature Center has only ever been lightly pastured and never cleared of its trees.

Original 110 acres


North Woods Property
The North Woods Property contains 22 acres of field and 10 acres of woods. This area contains our Educational Gardens, Interactive Natural Playground, Labyrinth, Honeybee Yard, and a Bluebird Trail.  Gardening programs are offered throughout the growing season for all ages.  Backpacks and field equipment can be borrowed from the Visitors Center to be used on this property. The site is also used for research on topics such as rainwater runoff, edge effects, plot size and species interaction.

North Woods Property


The James and Esther Ball Research Forest
, also known as Con-Angi is especially important to our research in the fact that it is our only property located out of the area of glaciation. It is characterized by being hillier than the other properties and it contains a large coniferous stand. Con-angi is only 22.5 acres and is not open to the public. This property was donated by James and Esther Ball to the Nature Center in 1995 in the form of a gift purchase.



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