Dr. Sarah Torok-Gerard

Teaching Area(s): Psychology and Neuroscience

With respect to interesting curricula, in addition to integrating service-learning projects into my own courses, I served on the University’s General Education Task Force since its inception and continue to serve as a member of the Integrative Core Advisory Board.

Psychology Facilities and Equipment

The Mount Union Department of the Psychology is located on the second floor of Tolerton and Hood Hall. The space was designed with student learning in mind.

The Department of Psychology and Neuroscience utilizes three laboratory rooms for students doing independent research studies:

•A general-purpose research room, which is also used for conducting computer-based research projects
•A neuropsychology lab
•A physiological lab, primarily used for autonomic nervous system projects

Students also benefit from a cognition lab and a social, developmental and counseling laboratory suite that consists of a social lab, observation room and counseling room. The social, developmental and counseling laboratory suite provides dedicated departmental space wired for audio and video recording for students and faculty to simulate real counseling offices and group spaces relevant to the study of human behavior as part of coursework and/or research.

In addition, there is generous social space with tables and soft seating for students to use to study, socialize and meet with faculty. This space is equipped for both wired and wireless access to the campus network.

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Psychology Facilities

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