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Psychology Internships and Hands-On Learning

Students who choose to major in psychology at the University Mount Union have ample opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom. By getting involved in these extracurricular opportunities and student organizations, you can strengthen your skills in psychology and get valuable hands-on experience, both of which are critical to finding a job after graduation.

Research allows you to analyze and investigate areas that you’re most interested in. Students at Mount Union have the following research opportunities:

  • Independent research
  • Research with faculty or student peers
  • Honors projects
  • Research-based courses

Psychology Club is a student-led organization on Mount Union’s campus, and it’s a fun and interesting way for students and faculty to interact outside of the classroom. By getting involved in the Psychology Club, you’ll have the opportunity to hear presentations from professionals in the field, discuss graduate school and jobs as well as attend social activities. The club also sponsors informational trips to local facilities and service agencies. It is open to all students regardless of major and its purpose is to encourage and promote the study of psychological science while stimulating interest in professional aspects of the field.

Psi Chi is a national psychology honor society. The activities of Mount Union’s local chapter are varied, although many are designed to stimulate professional growth by creating a fellowship with other psychology professionals across the nation. The chapter provides opportunities to promote individual research involvement and to reward achievement of professional leadership qualities. There are many advantages of membership including:

  • honor and recognition for academic excellence
  • access to colleagues and experienced psychologists
  • opportunities to develop leadership skills
  • opportunities to develop relationships with faculty and other psychology professionals
  • ability to socialize with other psychology students
  • access to educational and career-building programs and events
  • opportunities to serve the campus and the wider community

Internships provide you the chance to go out into the workforce and gain practical experience, which is critical to finding a job after graduation. These experiences provide an opportunity to gain practical knowledge in certain areas of concentration while allowing you to apply textbook information into the work place. Students have the opportunity to intern with the following types of organizations:

  • Group homes
  • Child and adolescent service centers
  • Drug abuse counseling agencies
  • Crisis intervention agencies
  • Counseling services in the schools
  • Probation offices
  • Mental retardation agencies
  • Mental health facilities
  • Other social service organizations

Service-learning is important to a student’s overall college experience. Social Responsibility and Personal Well-Being (PSY 350) is an experientially-based course that looks at the effect of service and other forms of helping behavior on one's sense of well-being. The course looks at effective ways of providing service and emphasizes the personal impact of helping by providing opportunities for class members to participate in service projects. This involves a week-long, spring break trip to a developing country. By looking at both established service programs as well as the process of initiating a service project, participants will learn about many approaches to providing service and meeting community needs. The course is taught by Dr. Steve Kramer and has in recent years involved traveling to a Central American country such as El Salvador.