Morgyn Miller ‘18

Major: NSFIA
Hometown:Barberton, Ohio

Mount Union professors really make an effort to get to know their students and build relationships with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I lose, misplace, or damage my Purple Plus Card?
A. If you lose your Purple Plus Card, please go to the Card Office immediately to deactivate your card as soon as possible. If you lose your card during hours when the office is closed, log into Manage My ID, and then select the "Lost Card" link. This will immediately de-activate your card. You will still need to go to the Card Office to obtain a new card. A $25 replacement fee will be charged at the time of the replacement. The fee can be paid by cash, check, or from Purple Plus Plan.

Q. How can I check the balance on my Purple Plu$ Account?
A. You can check the balance by going to the student's link at Deposit to Card.

Q. How can I deposit money to my Purple Plu$ Account?
A. Click here for more information.

You must have established a Purple Plu$ Debit Account with the Card Office before you will be able to make Web deposits. Most students that attended Preview sessions have completed the necessary paperwork for creating an account.

Q. What if I use my card for a vending transaction and the machine does not work, but the money is still taken from my account?
A. Contact the Card Office by phone at ext. 2881 or email and report the problem. You will need to provide details such as location, time, date, and amount of transaction. In most cases, the lost funds can be credited back to your account if there is found to be a problem.

Q. Where can I use the Purple Plu$ Account on campus?
A. You can use your Purple Plu$ debit account at the University Store, B&B Café, KHIC Café, KHIC Start Café, Dining Hall and some vending machines located throughout campus.

Q. Can I use my Purple Plu$ Card Off Campus?
A. You can use your Purple Plu$ card at several off-campus locations. Dining Dollars can NOT be used at these locations and alcohol and tobacco purchases are not eligible.

Q. What is the difference between dining dollars and the Purple Plu$ Account?
A. The dining dollars are available for food and beverage purchases only. These purchases can be made in the B&B Café, KHIC Start Café or in the Mount Union dining hall. Dining dollars will be kept in a separate account from other Purple Plus funds and cannot be used to purchase books and supplies, at vending machines, or at the off campus locations.

Q. How will I know if a purchase in the B&B Café or KHIC Start Café is being debited from my dining dollars or from my Purple Plu$ debit account?
A. The campus card system is configured to first subtract funds from your dining dollars and then when those funds are exhausted, subtract funds from your Purple Plu$ debit account.

Q. I want to use my purple plus account to purchase tickets in the dining hall, how much are tickets?
A. The following is a list of meal ticket prices in the dining hall, for 2015-2016.



Commuter Students

Faculty & Staff

ages 6-11
















Late Night Snack
 $5.50 $4.75  $4.75  
Football Brunch $7.75 $7.75 $7.75  
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