Purple Raiders Go Green in 2015 RecycleMania Competition

April 23, 2015

ALLIANCE, Ohio – The University of Mount Union competed against 400 other colleges and universities for the seventh year in the annual RecycleMania competition, an international recycling and waste minimization competition held for eight weeks in February and March.

The RecycleMania competition leveraged campus spirit to increase recycling and minimize waste on campuses across the U.S. and Canada. Colleges and universities competing in the eight-week competition are ranked according to how much they recycle and how little waste they generate. Competition categories included Grand Champion (recycling rate); Per Capita Classic (pounds recycled per person); Gorilla (total pounds recycled over eight weeks) and Waste Minimization (total waste stream of recycling and trash generate per person over eight weeks).

The Green Raiders started the competition as they partnered with AVI to offer locally sourced nachos for a late night snack night trivia competition.

Between February 1 kickoff and the tournament’s final day on March 28, Mount Union collectively recycled a total of 53,404 pounds, which is an increase of 32,766 pounds from 2014. On average, 6,675 pounds were recycled every week. The 2015 recycling rate is 28.7% (the percent Mount Union recycled out of trash and recycling waste streams). This is an 8% increase from Mount Union’s 2014 recycling rate. A total of 19.5 pounds per person were recycled at Mount Union during the eight-week competition. In addition, Mount Union ranked in the top 16% of schools for pounds recycled per person (out of 307 schools).

Along with the national RecycleMania competition, Mount Union held internal RecycleMania competitions, including a Residence Hall Challenge, to see which hall recycled the most per person and a Greek Week RecycleMania Challenge to see which fraternity and sorority recycled the most during Greek Week. The winning residence halls at the end of the eight-week competition were King Hall and theme houses located at 431 Simpson St. and 522 Vincent St. These winning residence halls were rewarded with additional housing points for their recycling efforts. The winners of the Greek Week RecycleMania Challenge, recycling a total of 1,221 pounds, were Alpha Chi Omega and Phi Kappa Tau, both awarded with Greek points during Greek Week.

By recycling 53,404 pounds over eight weeks, Mount Union prevented the release of 85 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E) into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to removing 16 cars from the road for one year.

Additionally, by participating in RecycleMania, the university reduced greenhouse gas emissions and is one step closer to reaching the overall campus sustainability goal of climate neutrality no later than commencement in May 2046.

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