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The Mount Union College Board of Trustees recently unanimously resolved that the name of the institution be University of Mount Union, following October’s unanimous vote to change the designation from “college” to “university.”  In the past few months, many questions regarding this designation change have been posed. We hope you will find the following information valuable.  If you have other questions, please contact the Office of Public Affairs and Marketing at information@mountunion.edu. We will try respond to your request for information in a timely manner.

Q: When will the institution officially implement the change to University of Mount Union?

August 1, 2010 will be the official implementation date of the name University of Mount Union.  At that time, Mount Union will have a new set of Identity Standards that constituents can reference for information on the proper usage of the new name.

Q: Will the institutional logo change?
Mount Union will embark on a positioning and brand clarification effort that will likely result in the redesign of the Mount Union logo.  Upon approval of any new designs, trademark licensing information will be provided to all constituents.

Q: Will Mount Union’s website URL change?
Yes, currently the domain is www.muc.edu.  With the change from “college” to “university,” the muc.edu will no longer be relevant.  The new domain name will be www.mountunion.edu, which will also result in the change of campus email addresses.  A thorough transitional plan will be implemented to execute this change.

Q: What will happen to the institutional seal?
The seal will be updated to reflect the change from “college” to “university,” but its overall design will remain the same.  For historic purposes, the seal located on the floor of the foyers of Chapman and Bracy halls, as well as some additional locations on campus, will not change. 

Q: Will the new name affect the institution’s colors, mascot or athletic logo?
No.  Purple Raiders will remain Mount Union’s nickname of the institution and the colors will continue to be purple and white.  In addition, the athletic logo will remain the same.  MUCaw will continue to be the mascot; however, the spelling of MUcaw’s name will slightly be altered with a lower-cased “c”.

Q: Will the Alma Mater be changed?
The last line of the Alma Mater, which references “Dear Old MUC,” is historical in nature and will remain unchanged.

Q: How should I reference the institution on my resume?
This decision is entirely up to the individual as Mount Union’s accreditation will remain the same.  It is appropriate to continue using Mount Union College on resumes for those who graduated prior to implementation day of August 1, 2010.  It is also acceptable to include one of the following references:

  • Mount Union College (now University of Mount Union)
  • University of Mount Union (formerly Mount Union College)

Q: Can I get a new diploma that states the new name?
Mount Union College diplomas will be available while supplies last at the Office of the Registrar and as always the cost for a replacement diploma is $25.  University of Mount Union diplomas will also be available for the replacement fee. Please remember there is no need to request a new diploma simply because of the designation change.

Diplomas issued for graduates through August of 2010 will bear the name Mount Union College. After that, diplomas will reflect the change to University of Mount Union. The request of replacement diplomas will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

To order a diploma, call the Office of the Registrar (330) 823-6018 or (800) 992-6682.

Q: Will Mount Union’s social media sites change?
The pages will be altered to reflect the designation change, but the way in which they are accessed will not.

Q: Will the designation change alter my student loans in any way?
No.  Students loans will remain unaffected.

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