Quotes from the Mentors

"The Dowling Mentor Program gives both the mentor and mentee a unique opportunity to not only make new relationships, but the ability to learn from one another. It sheds light on the realization that everyone has someone to look up to and learn from. The program has given me the opportunity to positively effect a young person’s life and open up doors they might not have considered. I truly believe the mentor can learn as much from their mentee as they can from you!"
- Evan Washburn , 12

"I am studying to be a middle school teacher and having the opportunity to befriend a middle school student through the Dowling Mentor Program opened my eyes beyond the classroom and into the real lives of students. I feel fortunate to be able to be a positive role model for someone who does not have someone to look up to otherwise, and has become a great experience for both me and my mentee!"
-Gina Serluco '10

"Participating in the Dowling Mentor Program has been a wonderful experience. I have truly enjoyed getting to know my student and being involved in her life. I highly recommend the program to anyone wishing to enrich their years at Mount Union."

-Jennifer Moreck

"I came to Mount Union to earn a degree and identify myself and my place in the world. Along the way, a friend introduced me to The Dowling Mentor Program. I was fortunate to always have strong male and female role models in my life, and thought it would be a great experience to help provide this to someone less fortunate. It's a great feeling to help a child feel better about himself, his situation, and help him establish goals and become a better person. In addition, there are great group activities such as the basketball game, movies, trips to cities, and seeing attractions that give you both a chance to experience something for the first time together. As an educator now, I can't begin to explain the impact the program has had on my teaching career. It has helped me establish positive relationships with my students, and given me the self satisfaction that comes along with being a positive role model. I highly recommend the program to help enhance your college experience, and give you the values necessary for the real world."
-Michael Demster '03

"I have really had a chance to see how one person can affect another's life in profound ways. I think that I have learned more from my student that she has learned from me!"
- Jessica Miller '03

"I am fortunate to have been chosen to take part in the Dowling Mentor Program because it is a tremendous learning experience for both mentor and student."
- Michael Bourne '02

"It is one of the most rewarding programs that I have ever been involved in at Mount Union."

- Brian Kostura '01

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