Rachel Eastman ‘17

Major: Biology
Hometown: North Canton, OH

Future Physician Assistant

Minors: Chemistry and German

Honors Student

Member of Alpha Chi Omega, Pre-Physician Assistant Club, German Club, Sophomore Service Honorary and Cru and staff member at the Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center


Why Mount
I decided to attend Mount Union because I liked the school’s size, beautiful campus and practical location to home. The university also has a Physician Assistant Studies Program which I am interested in pursuing. I have come to appreciate much more about Mount after completing a full year; I cannot see myself anywhere else!

Home away from Home
A few of the initial qualities that drew me to Mount were its small class sizes, the close-knit community feel and school spirit. What I did not expect to find were the friendships I made with so many great people. I thought it would be a challenge to find people with whom I shared similar values and beliefs, but that was not the case. I love that no matter who you are, Mount is a place where you can make friends and feel at home. 

The Nature Center
My favorite place at Mount Union is the Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center. Many students do not realize that Mount has its own nature preserve, but it does! The Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center is a wonderful place to visit when you want to get away from the stress of college or simply spend some time off campus. I love the trails, visiting the farm animals and participating in the unique activities and programs that are offered. I’m excited for what is planned this coming year, and I know that I’ll be visiting often.

Caring Staff
What I believe makes Mount Union special is the genuine interest the staff takes in the students. Since Mount has a relatively small campus, there are many different ways you can receive aid, and there is always a staff member more than willing to help you.

Success after Graduation
Mount Union is preparing me for success after graduation by providing me the opportunities to become more immersed in my studies. For example, Mount’s Pre-Physician Assistant Club has helped educate me about the requirements I must complete before graduation, and has opened doors to shadowing opportunities I would have not known prior to meetings. Also, I am learning something new each day through my summer employment at Mount Union’s Nature Center.

Why Biology?
I chose biology as my major because I have always loved science and knew I would enjoy learning more about the study of life. Also, biology is a perfect pre-med or pre-physician assistant undergraduate major.

Hands-On Experience
One of my favorite hands-on experiences in my major thus far has been inflating cow lungs during my Bio 141 lab. The memory of the lungs inflating to nearly double their size has really stuck with me. The experience reminded me how interested I am in anatomy and physiology, and why I wish to study medicine in the future.

Favorite Class
My favorite class so far is German 102. Before the course, I had been considering minoring or double majoring in German. After the course, I became confident in this decision. The German language is fun to learn, and the awesome German professors at Mount make learning it that much better. I hope to continue studying German and eventually become fluent in the language.

Liberal Arts Education
The benefit of combining a liberal arts education and professional preparation gives students the ability to become well-rounded and educated people. By taking multiple classes in various areas of study, you learn and discover more about yourself, and subsequently about the world around you.

Additional Information
My ultimate career goal is to become a physician assistant and work in an Ob/GYN clinic. After completing an in-depth shadowing program through my high school, I am certain that I wish to have a rewarding career in medicine. While attending Mount, I am looking forward to additional shadowing experiences and challenging coursework that will help me reach my goal.


My favorite place at Mount Union is the Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center. Many students do not realize that Mount has its own nature preserve, but it does!

To The Top!