Raider Pride Runs Deep in the Unckrich Family

October 10, 2014

Stephanie and Craig ’89 Unckrich are more than just Mount Union fans. The University has been a significant part of their lives since they were teenagers, and the couple has passed the tradition down to sons Corey ’13 and Michael ’18. To this Purple Raider family, Mount Union is second to none.

From cheering at the Mount Union Stadium as an Alliance High School cheerleader to becoming an honorary Sigma Nu Fraternity Little Sis and participating in its philanthropy events, Mount Union has always been part of Stephanie’s life.

From 1993 to 2006, Stephanie was the head cheer coach at Mount Union. She expected a squad that was the whole package, meaning each person could motivate, stunt and do push-ups for every Raider score, a tradition she began, while leading the crowd. Watching students achieve their goals, grow academically and become successful in their chosen fields was the most rewarding part of her involvement.

“The best part of being a Raider cheer coach was working hard with each squad to be the best in DIII while engaging the fans before, during and after the games,” Stephanie said. “My life has been forever changed by each cheerleader and MUcaw and I am truly blessed.”

Stephanie’s husband Craig was recruited by President Richard Giese to play football at Mount Union. He also played lacrosse and was a member of Sigma Nu fraternity, where he served one year as Chapter Chaplain, and worked at the student-run pizza shop on campus. He remembers the “snow carnival,” when classes were canceled and activities were held in the snow-covered Quad all day.

Raider pride runs deep in the Unckrich family. Craig and Stephanie’s son, Corey, graduated from Mount Union in 2013 and their other son, Michael, is currently a freshman Investment Alliance Scholar at Mount Union.

The decision to attend Mount Union was “truly their own after football recruiting and campus and academic visits,” explained Stephanie. “Although we live just a few blocks from the University, both chose to live on campus and embraced it as their home away from home.”

Craig enjoys sharing this special bond with his sons and having both of them “follow in his footsteps as Purple Raider football players and become part of that special Raider brotherhood.”

Through academics, football and campus service opportunities at Mount Union, Corey was prepared to step into the real world and pursue his teaching and coaching goals while being an asset to his community, said the proud parents. They hope that Michael will have those same opportunities to embrace everything at Mount Union, too – academics, extracurricular activities, community service and football.

When looking at Mount Union as a potential academic destination, Stephanie and Craig advise future parents and students to take in the whole picture. Visit several colleges during the academic year (during the week and on the weekend), attend classes and spend the night with a current college student. In addition, they encourage families to pay attention to the faculty’s enthusiasm, sincere friendliness and the entire campus’s external and internal beauty.

Passion for both tradition and growth has carried the Unckrich family through many fond memories at Mount Union, with many more to come in the future. To current Purple Raiders, Stephanie and Craig offer this: “Make Mount Union your second home. Take every opportunity. Academics are your priority. Meet new people. Try something new.”

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