MLK Day of Service

MLK Day Volunteers spent their day off working in the community on local organizations by cleaning the facilities, making care packages, and assisting with daily operations. Some of the organizations helped were the Stark County Humane Society, the Alliance Parks Department, and the Domestic Violence Shelter.

MLK Day of Service

Monthly Projects

The Regula Center coordinated at least one large service project each month. In addition to those highlighted, the Center also organized a community Thanksgiving meal, trick-or-treat for canned goods and service in honor of Women’s History month among other things.

Monthly Projects 2016-2017

Pay It Forward

Funded by the annual Trash to Treasure Sale, the Pay it Forward program allows students learning about community programming to award mini grants to local agencies. This year, $3000 in grants were awarded through the program. 

Check out where this year’s grants were allocated:

Pay It Forward

Women's History Month

In collaboration with the Department of Political Science and International Studies and the Women’s History Month Committee, the Center hosted a an event featuring former Representative and Ambassador, Constance Morella. During her talk, Morella shared about the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in her position.  She encouraged students to always acknowledge those around them and make them feel recognized in efforts to make connections.  Her advice to everyone is to always try for what you want, using the example of running for office, “If you run and lose, no big deal.  You will gain more from the opportunity than you know.  It is better than thinking, I wish I had run.”

To The Top!